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Kirsten Jones is the owner of Kreatrix Consulting & Design.  She has been working in the visual arts since 1992 as an artist, designer, and costume director, providing hands-on-making, collaboration and consulting to directors, theatrical companies, entrepreneurs and individuals who seek creative facilitation and support for their projects, large to small.  Her decade of experience as a performer and her ongoing career as an artist contributes to her ability to translate a director’s or client’s vision into satisfying, tangible designs.

Kirsten is also a Hendricks Institute certified coach as well as a Leadership and Transformation Program graduate. Her embodied commitment to the power of wonder and curiosity fuels her vivid intuition and playful imagination.  As a working artist who coaches teams and individuals in both uncovering and developing creative self-expression, Kirsten’s passion is to create support, guide and collaborate - but above all encourage your own discovery process, and to use and celebrate your amazing, human gifts.

Examples of her work include
• costume design for stage and screen productions
• custom-made, walk-around costumes; hand-held/soft props
• contemporary collage art for both public and private applications
• logo design
• assemblage wall-art and fabric installations.

If you are interested in catalyzing your creative ideas, productions, and projects with Kirsten
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